Netflix: 5 great cinematic classics to rediscover on the platform!

On Netflix there are hundreds of movies. Sometimes we’re a little lost. So we bring you 5 great classics to watch.

In the Netflix catalog, you can find a lot of movies. And there is something for everyone. From the general public as well as from the authors of the films. We give you some ideas for the classics for you to watch with family or friends.

On the platform You can watch one of the most famous and revolutionary saga. This is clearly the Matrix. Three films started quite a bit now but haven’t lost their charm in any way. And for those who’ve seen it before, it doesn’t hurt to rediscover it.

That’s the good thing with the classics, we never get tired of them. Netflix understands this very well and uses all styles, especially all ages. We can For example you find Back to the future. Doc takes you on his adventure of three films.

And we get caught up in the game. Even if we are now in the future, The film is not a little old. We always want to join Dolorean. So, for those of you who are parents, please do not hesitate to show this movie to your children so it can be remembered.

In more luxurious style we can also watch Start On Netflix. Here we are in front of a classic in the history of cinema. Christopher Nolan signed this movie Take your mind and turn it So you get lost completely.

Netflix: 5 great cinematic classics to rediscover on the platform!

Netflix: the classics that must be watched on the platform

You probably all know the story, but still. For those of you who don’t know, check out this movie! It is available on Netflix. You will find Young Leonardo DiCaprioAt the height of her art and power.

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The movie takes you to dreamland Where the goal is to implement an idea In order to change the course of things. Between tension and emotion, the movie captures you and doesn’t leave you until the very last moment that we hope you’ve reached the end! But nothing is less certain!

In other words, good French classics. And then it is A wonderful fate for Emily Boleyn. A movie that takes place in the streets of Paris. An unbelievable poetic achievement With the most wonderful soundtrack. Signed by Yann Tiersen, the piano pieces remain in the head.

In short, a very sweet adventure that capsizes and turns. So it was Amelie with a delightful sweetness It takes us on a journey of love. In short, a classic to discover on Netflix! And if with all this you still have a doubt, then there is still a classic.

In another way V for revenge Also available on the platform. A great poetic classic. Questioning the current system and society leaves one time to think without doing much.