Netflix: 3 series as beautiful as they are great to watch on Wednesday night

As is often the case, you really don’t know which Netflix series you’ll be watching tonight. As always, the CNET editorial team tries to help you solve this old dilemma by pointing you to our favorite programs in the SVoD Services catalog.

This time the series Dirk is kind, a thorough investigatorAnd the Personal guard And the Seven seconds strongly recommended. Let’s see why they deserve your attention.

What series to watch or watch again tonight on Netflix?

Very good atypical series: Dirk is kind, a thorough detective

The series briefly

Dirk gently declares the matter loud and clear: He is a “thorough investigator” and provides his services to solve all kinds of out of the ordinary cases. With the support of his assistant (in spite of himself) Todd, he finds himself involved in an affair that transcends him, despite all his goodwill.

We saw

A series that will not cease to surprise you. Dirk kindly Shines on his crooked side. If you are looking for a file Turns out Which stands out, apart from some of the programs seen and reviewed, this one is undoubtedly for you.

The Adventures of the Universal Detective are completely written off, but also very well written. Despite her peculiarities and unexpected events that follow each other throughout all episodes, she does not sacrifice her well-crafted streak.

It was much better, even if sometimes, the oddities followed each other a little bit without a tail and no head. Thankfully, we always end up finding our way around and Dirk kindly He has so many other charms and qualities that we cannot go wrong. It’s crazy, idiot, but also funny often.

The characters, each one crazier than the next, are extremely endearing and well-played (even if Dirk’s translator playing might irritate some). In his investigations to solve a strange murder, the detective will face many unexpected situations.

Secret agents, stray animals, a totally crazy hit man … Unlikely encounters also follow one another, like obstacles on the path to truth. But Dirk Glint is convinced, everything is connected and will prove it. If you decide to investigate, you shouldn’t be disappointed with the trip.

  • Here is the trailer for Season 1:

An exciting series: the bodyguard

The series briefly

David Bode is a veteran of the British Special Forces with a sense of duty. Turned into an elite bodyguard for the London Police, he is responsible for securing the back of the Secretary of State for Home Affairs, a woman whose political work despises deeply.

Torn between his professional conscience and convictions, Bud will have to make strong choices and face the consequences.

We saw

Be warned, the series has nothing to do with the movie of the same name. It also develops on a different track record, is more thinking, more balanced, and less dependent on adrenaline. Everyone will have their own opinion, but this different approach did not upset us, on the contrary.

Personal guard It is a smart and well-run chain. The main duo works very well. David Bode, a former soldier marked by war, is fragile, unstable, erect, yet torn, Richard Madden explains perfectly. The actor captures the complexity and various aspects of his character very well.

And the British minister he has to protect is not short of attention. Under a crust of stiffness and cold ambition conceals a portion of kindness and kindness. Once again, actress Kelly Howes is impeccable Personal guard He owes a portion of his success.

Otherwise, the plot does not breathe very well. The plot against which Bode should protect the foreign minister (will he succeed?) Does not lack some realism, not least because it uses objective themes (terrorism, among other things) to survive.

The six loops are rhythmic and you’ll never get bored for a second, even when it’s excitement Politics takes precedence over action. The suspense is well regulated as well and most of the twists are short for it.

Briefly, Personal guard It is a safe and stringent bet that should not disappoint you. For our part, we are looking forward to a possible Season 2.

  • Discover Tractor The Turns out :

Moving Drama: Seven Seconds

The series briefly

A young policeman accidentally ran over an African American teen in Jersey City. Terrified, he asks his superiors for help. While tensions between the city’s communities are at their peak, they decide to bury the case to save themselves and not throw fuel on the fire.

Skeptically, the deputy attorney general decides to conduct his own investigation to uncover the truth and unveil local police concessions.

We saw

suddenly , Seven seconds It seems to have gone unnoticed. It is a shame Turns out Excellent for his record. Like American crime Before him, he adopted a social and political viewpoint to concern himself with the ethnic tensions that divide American society.

The result is a touching drama, well-done, with no real false notice, or almost. The direction, the script, the actors’ interpretation … everything is very well organized and the series continues without any problem, even if it starts slowly.

Our only real regret? Cancel it after one season. As is often the case, the quality is not correlated with the fans and you probably didn’t know enough to fill up on Netflix’s subscribers.

It must be said that the treated topic is far from easy, we are far from the lighter series that is a platform flow By subscription (SVoD) it has made one of its specialties. whatever, Seven seconds It remains a program to watch without hesitation on Netflix.

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