Netflix: 3 great movies recommended by the editorial staff this weekend

One of Netflix’s biggest strengths? Its catalog is full of fun programs to watch. CNET’s editorial staff also advises you daily about which series is featured and appreciated in the SVoD service. But on weekends, cinema is in the spotlight.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2049 And the Handsome Devil …Here are three very good feature films to watch on the platform.

What are the great movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

Passionate Biography: Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman

Film synopsis

American psychologist and author William Marston is best known for his invention of the lie detector. His other great creation? Wonder Woman, who was inspired by two lovers in his life: his wife Elizabeth and their lover, Olive.

CNET Editorial Review

If William Marston’s work is known to everyone, few know the unusual story behind the creation of Wonder Woman. In the superhero origins of which director Angela Robinson is interested Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman. These assets are full of love.

Luke Evans plays William Marston, a psychologist without lack of ideas. Marston doesn’t really live in a traditional way, especially in the eyes of 1940s society, he loves his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), as well as young Olive (Bella Heathcote) with whom he romances.

Be careful, this is not a trivial story of fornication. The two women love each other, and these happy forces make up a triad. Plus, it doesn’t stop there … Marston also indulges in BDSM practices. Surprisingly, it is thanks to this unusual “herd” at the time that Wonder Woman was born.

Sure, reality is romanticized here because this work remains a movie, not a documentary. Visually, Angela Robinson does a pretty good job, the movie is catchy and the trend is neat. Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman It is a very beautiful representation of the complexity of human relationships, a delicate picture filled with love.

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In short, if you want to know more about Wonder Woman’s origins: go for it.

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The Great Science Fiction Movie: Blade Runner 2049

Film synopsis

In the year 2049, in a society weakened by tensions between humans and slaves (called homologues), Officer K was “Blade Runner”. At the Los Angeles Police Department, it is tasked with eliminating androids who no longer obey men.

What he did not plan was for him to find himself being hunted in turn when he discovers a well-kept secret that could change the course of humanity. His only hope? Find Rick Deckard, Blade Runner who has been missing for years.

CNET Editorial Review

35 years later Blade Runner By Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve decides to direct the sequel to this great SF classic. A complex and ambitious project. But he had better take it up than the famous Quebec filmmaker, known for the franchise Prisoners And the Prime connection ?

Harrison Ford is still in great shape, taking on the role of Rick Deckard that he played in the original movie. But the real star in this sequel is Ryan Gosling, who is so passionate about it. Anna de Armas, Jared Leto, and Robin Wright complete this excellent acting and also give a convincing performance.

Visually Blade Runner 2049 Sublime. The shots (often static) are great, the special effects are very effective and above all, the colors – sometimes warm, sometimes icy – diminish the futuristic futuristic world Blade Runner Successfully. It’s a milestone hit from Dennis Villeneuve and director of photography Roger Dickens.

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Blade Runner 2049 So it is a powerful group that questions the boundaries between the real and the virtual. Great movie against the stream the movies As usual, because he’s betting on hypnosis. The movie is 2:44 long, but we promise it’s worth it.

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Teen Movie Magic: Handsome Devil

Film synopsis

In Ireland, in a boarding school for boys, Ned does not have many friends. It must be said that he is the only student who does not like rugby, a real institution in the region. Against all odds, he will form a somewhat improbable friendship with his mysterious new roommate, Connor who is also the new flagship rugby player at school.

CNET Editorial Review

Let’s be honest, scenario Handsome devil Not something very original. But that doesn’t mean this little indie movie isn’t worth the detour, away from it. Teen movie fans will find what they’re looking for.

Finn O’Shea plays an unhappy, artistic, and gay teen in his testosterone-pumped boarding school. Nicholas Galitzine, a popular freshman student, seems to fit in easily, but he also hides his homosexuality.

Forced roommates, the boys will approach thanks to the help of a teacher full of good vibes embodied by Andrew Scott (SherlockAnd the Fleabag).

Handsome devil Interesting in the way he talks about extremely conservative Irish society, the differences between social classes and of course homosexuality. Where one can expect a love affair, Handsome devil He chooses to highlight the friendship between two sons, which everything seems to be against.

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Thanks to its representatives and reassuring optimism, Handsome devil It’s a charming opening story that you’ll definitely have a good time with.

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