Netflix: 3 engaging and fun series to watch tonight

So what are we watching on Netflix tonight? If you can’t find the chain you need, CNET France can help you by recommending good programs from the SVoD services catalog.

This wednesday, Final Space, Punisher And the border It was selected and this is why this content deserves your attention.

What good series to watch or watch again tonight on Netflix?

An amazing animated series: Final Space


Space adventures of Gary, the imprisoned astronaut, and his friend Moon Cake, whose destructive powers arouse much envy. An evil lord leader relies on them to discover and open the rift in Final Space. If you succeed, monsters from another dimension will invade our world to destroy it.

We saw the series

A real good surprise. It was completely unexpected: the series is somewhat secretive and not particularly highlighted by Netflix, which quickly gained the broadcast rights. So without expecting more than the pleasant entertainment, we released the first episode of the series.

Final space It does much better than that. Graphic style close to Rick and Morty (But it is more successful), it works on almost all levels. It’s smart, cool, beautiful and fresh, with a playful hint of humor. Science fiction fans are also introduced because the series lets you escape a little bit into the fiction.

The journey into space is epic and is made smoothly. We can feel the impact of SF’s main business (Star TrekAnd the star Wars, And even a hint of Lovecraft). The characters are lovable, lovable, and more complex than they seem.

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About the adventures of her heroes, Final space He quickly managed to stand out by creating his own world. It departs from Rick & Morty and the other reference for the animated series and that’s a lot better. Add in a cool story, some welcome twists, and an ending we didn’t expect, and you’ve got solid mass.

  • Here is a video preview of the series:

A very good series of superheroes: The Punisher


After his family’s assassination, Frank Castle had only one idea, an obsession slowly devouring him: revenge for his family at all costs. To do justice to himself, he wears a “Punisher” costume and wanders the streets of New York at night to do justice. But when he does, he finds no relief. His demons are still there and new enemies are appearing.

We saw the series

The partnership between the SVoD platform and Marvel has been very successful, but the quality of production is really uneven. Iron fist He can attest … The PunisherIt, on the other hand, determines most of the correct squares.

In the title role, Jon Bernthal is excellent and fits his personality perfectly. The actor has charisma to spare, he is able to personify the different aspects of the castle and his tormented side.

Despite some facility and occasional expected setbacks, the chain holds up and manages to keep the suspense alive. We never get bored and the atmosphere has its own little effect too. It’s dark, violent, and less affectionate than other content in the genre.

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Frank Castle is also a true adrenaline hub. Better not to mess with him and The Punisher Full of badass scenes than others. It is never in the ligament it is assumed. It’s not embarrassing, on the contrary, because the series never goes overboard. Brutal, different, and sometimes even realistic … The Punisher It knows how to get stuck and you should give it a go, if you haven’t already.

  • Watch the series trailer:

Another great series: Frontier


North America at the turn of the eighteenth century. In the corners of the frozen continent, Declan Harp, half Irish and half citizen, fights to break the monopoly of the Hudson Bay Fur Trade Company. The outlaw wants a piece of his own cake and won’t let anyone tell him the rules of the game.

We saw the series

Let’s say that right away, border Not a century series. On the other hand, it is a good entertainment program, a no-brainer, and perfect for weekend watching. The topic is interesting and this part of the world, at this time, is not an area that TV series often explores.

Promise on paper then, even if we don’t expect anything out of the ordinary. Finally, it is full of good intentions and good ideas. The problem is that this potential is not always used well. Combinations, costumes and atmosphere make a very good impression. We quickly get caught up in the game, feeling the effort to write down the time fairly honestly.

Scenario, actors’ interpretation, perception, are they more left behind. It’s not catastrophic, far from it. But we can still hope for the best. Thankfully, some of the characters can still feel comfortable, including Declan Harp, played by Jason Momoa. In light of his brutality, determination, and rude manners, he actually hides a personality more complex than it appears. The much better, it gives a little bit of background to a series it seems to be lacking so far.

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Doubtful at first, we ended up relating and even appreciating more often border. If you were hesitant, would you say that Turns out Not bad and it doesn’t cost much to watch a handful of episodes.

  • Here it is Movie trailer From season 1:

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