Nest Hub 2: the smart screen that wants to help you sleep

This second-generation Nest Hub display is the new smart audio interface from the Google giant that’s taking advantage of the craze for all things sleep quality – and which we know is bothered by the pain of the pandemic.

If you can place this device anywhere in the home, it would logically fit on your bedside table if you want to take advantage of the sleep tracking functions.

The non-camera device uses Motion Sense technology that uses a low-power radar sensor called Soli, which Google describes here at This dedicated site.

In total, there are three sensors, the Soli microradar to detect movements with Motion Sense, one for temperature and the third for adapting the screen to the ambient light.

Soli microradar is especially innovative, it interprets movements at different levels; From the slight movement of your fingers or hand to that of the human body.

Sleep tracking with Motion Sense and Soli

Together, Motion Sense and Soli work on interpreting hand movements that can be used as commands, to pause music for example, and sleep tracking functions – measuring your breathing, movements, etc.

To track sleep, Soli monitors movement and breathing, while identifying disturbances (coughing, snoring, fluctuations in light, and temperature changes) that may have an effect. Soleil is a technology Perfect for this purpose, as it accurately tracks macro (punching on the limbs) and micro movements (chest up or down movement while breathing).

Here’s the famous radar chip and a graph of what Sulli discovered while you slept at night.

In your choices during setup, you can enable or disable cough or snore detection. However, you need to place the Nest Hub2 close enough (under 2 feet) so that tiny radar waves can detect anything on you, not around you.

When you wake up, just ask the Nest Hub 2 how did you sleep at night. His analysis will then display an on-screen graph that uses interlaced circles to note duration, schedule, number of disturbances, and sleep quality.

To this end, Google has drawn on hundreds of thousands of nights of sleep from thousands of people to develop its algorithms and compare them to the best polysomnography studies.

Limited manual controls

In practice, the number of hand gestures is very limited on the Nest Hub, so don’t rely too much on this “silent” language to get the device limited to the pause and pause functions of the alarm clock.

The interface of the 7 ” touch screen is simpler and faster. For example, you must first say “Hey Google, play some music” before you can use the hand gesture to pause it. And if you leave it paused for too long, the Nest Hub 2 may resume playing music without asking.

In the future, it will be possible to scan the website’s web pages with your hand, open and close applications, manage smartphone settings or even get acquainted with and learn about objects.


Before you can run this Nest Hub, you must have the Google Home app installed on your iPhone or Android phone and have a Google account.

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Once the device is powered on, it is connected by a QI (square of black and white dots) icon to your iOS or Android phone and connected to a WiFi network, it will instantly download an update.


Curiously, if the Nest Hub 2 opens initially in French, the interface becomes in English after restarting the update. Since there is no “Languages” menu in the Nest Hub2 system settings (it can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen), you’ll discover just as you did when searching for the online help it provides. You can only change the language of the Google Assistant app. And that the assistant language determines the language of other devices connected to the same WiFi network.

If the Google Assistant app on my phone is already in French, restarting the Nest Hub for over a minute the interface became French again.

As usual with Google-based products, you have to agree to a lot of permissions during configuration. The more you agree, the more windows will need to be confirmed.

Also, in the “System Preferences” section under “Device Information” there is a “Reset” function which indicates some information, but there is nothing about this reset which allows you to wipe the device and reset it to factory settings.

In fact, this reset can only be done by simultaneously pressing the two volume buttons on the right-back of the device. Use it if you give the device away, sell it, or return it, and remember to remove it from your Google account.

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Like any device connected to an audio interface, the microphone mute button is located on the back to ensure moments of privacy without ulterior motive.


As for music, the speaker surprises with its power with very decent bass for a device of this size. This confirms the good choices made by Google, which used Nest Audio technology which, according to the manufacturer, provides 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub.

Concretely, if you ask the device to play music, it will go to YouTube channels of interest to you. In between each game, there will be a short advertising break of a few seconds – Google’s business model is clearly ad-driven.

Smart home

In addition to sleep tracking functions, music, and a voice assistant, the Nest Hub2 can connect to Google Photo Bank, smart home monitors, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and external services such as smart bulbs Netflix, Spotify and Philips Hue.

In conclusion, it would be interesting to have USB ports on the back of the device to charge your devices overnight. A suggestion like this.

Price: $ 130 (approx) for Google Store And at Best Buy, Staples, Costco and The Source retailers.

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