Negotiations with England continue, deep concern of fishermen



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Discussions between Paris and London over a fishing license in British waters continue on Monday, November 1st. On the fishermen’s side, tension and tension are beginning to arise.

Negotiations are underway between France, the United Kingdom and the European Union over a license to fish in British waters. To ease tensions, Jersey announced it would grant 49 temporary licenses to France. Fishermen continue to worry on the island. “This is very worrying because if they close the checkpoints in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vine), We will stop completely. Can’t buy fish anymore [en] Exporter “, Says one of them.

France has threatened to prevent British ships from unloading their cargo into French ports and tighten customs controls on lorries if French ships do not yet receive permanent permits. “No one is going to win, only the losers”, Laments a British fisherman. On the French side, the wait continues, but anxiety begins to take precedence over hope. Some boats are anchored off the coast. 30% of the turnover of French fishing depends on British waters.

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