Near Toulouse, residents of a nursing home have tested positive for Covid-19

Many residents of Mary Lyman’s nursing home in Palma have contracted the English variant of Covid-19. However, no dangerous form has been detected in this facility of 80 people. “There is no doubt that they have all been vaccinated,” said Olivier Gurichon, president of the nursing home. He continues: “No residents who tested positive have been taken to hospital. A priori, and even if I am not a scientist, the viral load is extremely low. It is good that the vaccine works. “

New tests on the population

Many nursing home members have significantly developed an asymptomatic form of the disease. The president also specified that residents would be tested again this week. “The employees remain very vigilant,” he adds. Once an employee notices a potential symptom, they react immediately. Moreover, if we can get around this period, it is first and foremost due to the tremendous work of the employees. In addition to the workload, some canceled their holidays and we were able to maintain a steady workforce. “

Vincent Pons, President of Samu 31: “No month-long Covid deaths at Ephpad”

Professor Vincent Pons, President of Samu 31, explained yesterday: “No Covid-related deaths occurred in nursing homes for a ‘continuous’ month. The Pfizer vaccine is very effective, 95%, against dangerous forms of Covid.”

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