Near Le Havre, it provides a space to meet and “reconnect with nature”.

The aim of the Ferme d’Eprémesnil is to provide a meeting place between the city and the countryside, with an emphasis on communicating with nature and respecting the environment. (© DR)

A few steps from Hafer (Seine Navy), and FarmIpremisenil It is a third urban place where two local associations have met: Graine en main, a professional integration project in organic gardening and Le Havre de Culture (s), which is Le Havre’s collective group at the origin of the project.

on this Natural area of ​​five hectares, Located above the Rouelles Valley, Le Havre de Culture (s) wants to display Educational activities about the environment. “For example, there will be large permanent, participatory cultural gardens,” said Julie Leitender, director of the Le Havre de Culture Association.

Social ties and respect for the environment

First, he refers to the third place, “hybrid spaces, developed and for them by citizens, aimed at creating social bonds.”

The aim of Ferme d’Eprémesnil is to provide a meeting space focused on connection with nature and respect for the environment, while revitalizing five hectares of natural spaces.

“We will organize activities, in cooperation with Grain en main, which are already in place. But the idea also is to be able to welcome other associations, on an intermittent basis.”

Julie Littender.

Still in the project phase, the participatory workshops will be dedicated to a diverse and diverse audience: “We want to welcome the widest possible audience, families, schools, people with disabilities, etc., with a predominant social component.” The president of the association continues.

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Participatory workshops take place every Saturday. (© DR)

Linking the city and the countryside

And La Ferme d’Eprémesnil has already acquired the building. “We are organizing participatory workshops every Saturday to develop the mandala garden. Soon we will also be installing botanical gardens on the site,” explains Julie Linderer.

As for the reception of the public, a barn of 300 square meters is being rehabilitated, and it will be ready for use by 2022. “We will also restore the wooden paths to reach the site on foot, through the Royals Valley,” the official trusts enthusiastically.

His wish: “Allow the residents of the surrounding areas to allocate this place. It is a real collective project for all, that seeks to achieve the goal of linking the city and the countryside.”

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