NBA: France, United States… First answer is Embiid


NBA: France, United States… First answer is Embiid

Posted on October 7, 2022 at 6:35 pm.

After acquiring French citizenship a few months ago, Joel Embiid was expected to join the France squad. The only problem is that he also recently became an American citizen, which makes him eligible to join Team USA. He now has to make his choice, but according to Vincent Collett, he really should join the Blues.

l’French team Basketball could see weightlifting join its ranks in the coming months. In fact, when he received French citizenship last July, Joel Embiid with can now be selected Blues. Chances are you’ll see him at the next French Rocket Rudy Gobert Even if it doesn’t yet, there’s something to smile about.

Embiid is also an American citizen

In fact, the Cameroonian pivot recently revealed Associated Press That he has become an American citizen: I’ve been here a long time (in America, editor’s note). My son is American. I said to myself: I live here, it’s my chance to be an American. So why not? “, he declared. A message that necessarily questions the French side. If not sure for now, Vincent Collett It was relaxing though.

“I think he wants to play with us.”

Currently at America with Metropolises 92 led by coach Victor WembaniamaFrench team Mentioned the case of Joel Embiid. ” Now that he has two nationalities, he has to choose one for basketball. He has to make the decision and no one can change it. I know he has already met some of our players and discussed this. I think he wants to play with us, but we’ll see. We will respect his decision anyway. “, said Vincent CollettPosted by comments Basketball session. To be continued…

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