NATO calls on member states to increase support for Ukrainian forces fighting “difficult battles”

Detention of members of the security service of the President of South Africa in Poland

Cyril Ramaphosa’s security personnel, who were to accompany him on his mediation mission to Ukraine on Friday, have been detained in Poland, prompting a diplomatic incident, according to officials from both countries.

General Wali Rahod, the head of this service, taxed the Polish authorities with racism and accused them of putting them to good use ” in danger “ The life of the head of state. Considering her statements “unfair”, the Polish government explained that some people on the plane from South Africa did not have a license to carry weapons and were therefore not allowed to disembark. There were dangerous goods on board, and the South Africans did not have permission to bring them in.explains the State Department in a press release. “In addition, there were people on board the plane whose presence had not been reported to the Polish authorities.”Continue.

The charter plane left Pretoria early Thursday with about 120 people on board, including members of the South African security forces and journalists who were to follow the head of state on his trip to Kiev, as part of a mediation mission for African leaders. Cyril Ramaphosa arrived in the Polish capital, on Thursday, on board the presidential plane Enkozi, and then traveled by train to Kiev, where he arrived on Friday, according to the presidency.

Vincent Maguiña, the president’s spokesperson, ruled the incident “regrettable” Adding that he did not give up the safety of the president. The rest of the mission is going well and as planned.He emphasized before adding: “The President arrived in Kiev safely. »

South African officials held talks with their Polish counterparts to break the deadlock and allow the retained members of the security team, and journalists, to continue their journey. On Friday afternoon, some reporters were allowed to disembark after more than twenty-four hours on the runway.

After their visit to Kiev, the African mediators are expected to arrive in St. Petersburg to meet Vladimir Putin there on Saturday.

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