National Assembly, United Kingdom, Nutri-Score…: 28′ Club!

March 10, 2023 on the show ⬇

This Friday, novelist and editor-in-chief of “Paris Match” Gilles Martin SafierColumnist Antoine BuenoSemiologist Cecily Altuy and designer Coconut Come on news of the week. Yoga teacher and historian Zineb Fahsi will join him on the program. In his book “Yoga, the New Spirit of Capitalism”, he explains how this practice, which no longer has anything to do with its original values, has become a tool for personal development in the West.

Back to the two news of the week:

National Assembly. Excessive alcohol consumption, courtesy of Minister Eric DuPont-Moretti, controversial comments… If the debate on pension reform fails miserably in the National Assembly, the Hemicycle has become the place for all transgressions, and the Senate thus provides. A very calm face this week. Are these violations an advertisement against representative democracy?

United Kingdom. Emmanuel Macron received British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for the first time today, while a lively debate shook the United Kingdom: on Tuesday, March 7, the government presented a law against illegal immigration, which aims to reject any asylum application for people who arrived illegally. Rubber boats. Can this “zero migrant” policy win the EU?

Tradition and authenticity, or nutrition and health? “We do not use Nutri-Score,” declare the producers of Bleu d’Auvergne. Like Roquefort and Bleu des Causses, the cheese is rated “E” by the Nutrition Labeling System. This is the fight of the week Frederick says.

Is feminism right wing? Anyway, that’s what Republican Party Chairman Eric Ciotti said on International Women’s Rights Day. A report widely mocked by netizens tells us Sonia Sironi.

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“Frenchy is the bravest of us.” Militants in Ukraine, a Japanese soldier and a French soldier became “brothers in arms” in the Foreign Legion. But Andréas Gallozzi, from Yonne, was killed in action. At his side when he lost his life, the Japanese soldier went to France to visit the dead man’s mother. This is the story of the week Claude Askolovich.

our An international “Washington Post”, headline this Wednesday: “French workers strike: No, it’s not ‘laziness'”. The daily adds: “Their cause does not always attract the sympathy of the planet, which makes the French think they take it easy.”

Finally, discover photos of the week carefully selected by our club pistes and continental drift Benoit Fourcourt.

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