Nathan Vanderkleb and Sarah Cox win the Freedom of the Press Award

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Ottawa, ON, May 3, 2021 / CNW / -Nathan VanderKlippe, reporter The Globe and Mail In China and Sarah Cox, Reportrice-enquteuse Narwal, They both announced the winners in price Freedom of the press 2021, granted by the Defense Group, freedom of the press Canada, Under Ottawa.

Despite the risk of arrest, deportation, and even imprisonment, Nathan Vanderkleb reported on forced labor camps where thousands of Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic minority, are being held. The reporter avoided attempts to prevent him from reaching the region, and his photos and reports helped document China’s controversial practices in Xinjiang.

For years Sarah Cox Covered SiteC’s controversial hydroelectric dam project Peace River, In northeast British Columbia. Through a careful search of the documents, made possible through access to information, they shed light on the main problems of the dam, which government officials knew for a year without disclosing them to the public, and the two winners would receive $ 2000 each.

This award is awarded every year by the Libert de la presse CanadaIt highlights the remarkable accomplishments of Canadian media professionals who exercise the common good, overcoming secrecy, intimidation, and other attempts to derail their work.

Freedom of the press Canada Honorable notices were granted Kevin Donovan, The The Toronto StarFor the battles he led in court to obtain documents relating to high-profile criminal and civil cases, as well as for the duo Megan Botkins Based on Madeleine Smith, The Calgary Herald. They have highlighted, thanks to the city’s information access system and meticulous research, the financial violations of the municipal councilor.

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Brix Spencer Moore For all projects

Freedom of the press is Canada, too Brix Spencer Moore For all projects Kim Pollan The Vancouver Sun.

Kim Pollan It covered wars, the 1985 Indian Airlines bombings, street gangs and organized crime. She was the first winner of the World Press Freedom Prize in 1999 and has not stopped since. While covering a murder trial in 2017, she learned that she was herself the subject of a murder plot, which she then reported to authorities.

Spencer Moore Award, Which bears the name of one of the founders of our organization, is given to a journalist or media officer in appreciation of their continuous efforts to promote freedom of the press.

Press Freedom Awards Canada It is usually served during an annual organized lunch Ottawa On the occasion of UNESCO World Press Freedom Day on May 3. However, lunch was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Head of Press Freedom said that despite the pressures of lockdown and working remotely, Canadian journalists have done an exceptional job in 2020, prompting those in power to respond to their actions. CanadaAnd the Shawn McCarthy.

Our winners have overcome significant hurdles that have been put in place to prevent their stories from being revealed.

Shawn McCarthy He explains that while Canadian journalists enjoy relative freedom in their work at home, vigilance is required, as there are stark examples of the barriers and threats to this freedom.

To watch a video of award winners presenting their work, visit the page

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Winners of the international editorial competition

Freedom of the press Canada It was also announced that Jean-Luc Blume was the 21st biggest winnereInternational editorial drawing competition under the slogan: Censorship, insult and harassment on social media. The second prize is awarded Edwin Peralis GonzalezProu and third prize, Tom JanssenFrom Holland.

Jean-Luc Blume is a freelance designer who has showcased his designs and won awards in the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Japan.

Edwin Peralis Gonzalez He is a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist at Le Prou. Tom Janssen He is a political cartoonist for the Dutch national daily sincerely; It was posted on The New York Times InternationalAnd the the world And the The Japan Times.

He said that our annual animation contest is gaining increasing international recognition, and we had a record 406 cartoons from 59 countries. Jay Badoo, Competition coordinator.

Freedom of the press Canada It also supports the Canadian Commission for UNESCO in its awareness campaign aimed at drawing attention to the problem of threats faced by women journalists.

Award-winning animes can be viewed Here.

On freedom of the press Canada

Freedom of the press Canada (Formerly known as the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom) is a volunteer group ofOttawa Its mission is to raise public awareness of the right to freedom of expression, to represent violations of this right and to defend freedom of the press. This advocacy group operates under the auspices of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and sponsored by the Canadian Bankers Association.

Source: Freedom of the Press Canada

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