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TheNASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California released this first-of-its-kind audio document Friday, just before Ingenuity embarks on its fifth test flight.

The low buzzing sound of the chopper blades spinning at over 2,500 rpm is hardly heard. It is almost like a distant mosquito or some other flying insect.

This was because the 1.8-kilogram helicopter was more than 80 meters from the persistent rover’s microphone. Strong storms drowned out the sound of the helicopter.

Scientists have isolated and amplified the sound to make it easier to hear.

The sound was recorded during the fourth test flight of the helicopter on April 30th.

Creativity – the first powered device to fly to another planet – arrived on Mars on February 18th, clinging to the belly of perseverance. Its maiden flight took place on April 19. NASA named the take-off and landing area the Wright Brothers Field in honor of aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville. A piece of wing cloth the size of a stamp from their plane, the Wright Flyer, is on board.

The $ 85 million tech show was supposed to end a few days ago, but NASA extended the mission by at least a month to get more flight time.

Friday afternoon’s test flight aimed to double the altitude – up to 10 meters. The helicopter was also heading to a new landing point.

Once the helicopter’s first stage is complete, the craft can now begin to search for rocks that may contain signs of ancient microscopic life. Samples will be collected for return to Earth.

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