NASA publishes a panoramic image of Mars taken by perseverance

(Washington) On Wednesday, NASA released an amazing panoramic image of Mars that they took perseverance In the area where the rover landed last week.

France Media

The image, reconstructed from several vehicle footage, shows the top of Jizero Crater, which scientists say contains a deep lake into which a river flowed about 3.5 billion years ago.

The car captured 142 360-degree shots with high-resolution cameras attached to its mast.

Photo via AFP

The image, reconstructed from several vehicle footage, shows a ridge in the Jezero crater.

“We have installed it on a very good site, where we can see properties very similar to the ones he found SoulAnd the Chance And the Curiosity of (Three spacecraft have preceded perseverance On the red planet) in their landing zone, “said Jim Bell of the University of Arizona.

The US Space Agency has a clear goal of finding traces of ancient life on the Red Planet, by collecting up to thirty rock samples for at least two years.

Cameras perseverance Scientists will help determine the geological history and atmospheric conditions of the crater, and determine the rocks and sediments that will be collected before being transported to Earth in a future mission, scheduled for 2030.

Already on Monday, NASA released two exceptional documents captured by his car, a stunning video clip of his landing recorded from all angles, and the sound of a Mars storm, the first sound recorded on the red planet by a microphone.

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