NASA delays spacewalk due to an undisclosed “minor medical problem” for the astronaut

NASA is delaying a spacewalk to the International Space Station this week due to an undisclosed medical problem involving an astronaut.

Officials announced the postponement on Monday less than 24 hours ago

International Space Station crew member Mark Vande Hee of NASA will not be able to perform a spacewalk due to a medical problem. Image credit: NASA

It was supposed to float outside.

In a statement, officials said Vandey He had a “minor medical problem”. They noted that it was not an emergency, but did not provide further details.

Vandy He, 54, a retired Army colonel, has been on the space station since April and is expected to stay there until next spring on a year-long mission. This is his second stay at the station.

He and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshied are scheduled to go out on Tuesday to install support for new solar wings. NASA said work can wait.

The spacewalk will be rescheduled after this weekend’s planned resupply by SpaceX and a series of spacewalks in September on the Russian side of the orbiting laboratory, according to NASA.


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