Narbonne: The Second Opening of the Summer Show at WAW Space!

WAW, a collaborative workspace, organized Thursday evening the second opening of the “Collection singulière” exhibition.

When two artists unite in their work, the result can quickly become exciting. The Moussa Association inaugurated for the second time its exhibition “Collection singulière” on Thursday. Already installed in the coworking space for a month, it is the result of a collaboration between Ka (Karine Fornet) and Simone de la Brune (Sabrina Zerifi). We can now come and appreciate the work done by Four Hands with several dozen paintings, as well as some ceramics until September 9. This exhibition is a union between a self-master who paints women’s faces with piercing gazes and a ceramic painter of all professions trained in Berlin. “We had planned a small buffet for a nice evening in early summer,” explains Yoann, the venue owner. The goal is clear: to highlight the artists on display as well as this place still unknown to Narbonnais and its innovative concept. WAW remains, for now, the only co-working space in Narbonne.

The evening also marked the end of the wait for the participants in Tombola, which was organized in parallel with the exhibition. An innocent hand revealed the names of the lucky winners with a painting by Ka, two prizes for Simone and a meal for two at Le Petit Comptoir.

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