Naomi Osaka is the superstar of Go Tokyo

Le Scan Sport – The tennis player will be one of the Olympic stars at her home in Japan.

Two months into her unlikely package at Roland Garros – she left Paris after refusing to participate in press conferences due to mental health issues – Naomi Osaka appears to be doing much better. Before participating in the Olympics, in his homeland of Tokyo, the Japanese tennis player has restricted cooperation and media outings in recent weeks. After releasing her own Barbie doll and a Netflix documentary dedicated to her career, Osaka made the front page of Vogue but especially Sports Illustrated Swimwear, the popular summer version of the popular American magazine’s “swimwear.”

After MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and soccer player Alex Morgan, the Japanese tennis player is the 2021 Sports Guarantee for the magazine which also includes rapper Megan Thee Stallion and transgender actress Lena Bloom. “What drew us to Nayomi is her passion, strength, and strength to constantly break down barriers in equality, social justice, and mental health.SI Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day explained.

Gold medal goal in the Tokyo Olympics

On May 31, Naomi Osaka raised Concern Issues to justify her withdrawal from Roland Garros, stating that she had passed the ball “prolonged periods of depression“Since 2018. Then the four-time Grand Slam winner (US Open 2018 and 2020, Australian Open 2019 and 2021) gave up Wimbledon where she never really shined. “She’s ready for Tokyo and can’t wait to perform in front of her audience‘,” his agent, Stuart Dugwid, explained in mid-June.

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That was before the Japanese government’s decision to play behind closed doors for the Olympics, with Osaka representing one of the host nation’s top chances of a gold medal. In a column published in early July in the magazine time, lThe former world number one said it was intense.”Looking forward to playing in Tokyo“After it took several weeks”Recharge your batteries and spend time with your loved onesThe tennis tournament begins on Sunday 25 July.

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