Namur: Joseph opens his restaurant amid the Coronavirus crisis

When we find Joseph Cassart at his foundation, he explains his project to us. “There will be a table arrangement for 10 to 15 persons max. With an open kitchen where I will cook directly in front of the customerHe explains to us.

But that will be when the hospitality industry can reopen. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old is betting on the overseas purchase. “On the other hand, this is not bad because I can focus on the dishes and the quality of the products. It’s a soft start. I am not directly at the pointYusef admits.

good start

His desire to work with seasonal and local products. On the menu this Saturday: trout as an appetizer, low-heat poultry for the main course, and a lemon tart for dessert.

In the first three days of his work, Joseph has already registered 80 applications. “We didn’t expect that at all. We have blocked requests to really focus on quality and wasteHe explains.

Many people do not understand

So it is a success. But the bet is bold for this 23-year-old. Opening a restaurant in the midst of a hospitality crisis … It’s bold. “Dared. Many people do not understand. Next, I start from the principle that you shouldn’t stop, keep having ideas and bringing in new things. Just because the world is slowing down a little doesn’t mean we have to stop everything, Says the owner of the restaurant.

If we had to help, it is now

The bet clearly pleased many of Namur’s clients. Many decided to support him from the start. “23 years old, new job, you need help! it’s time. If we had to help, it is now“, The customer rules.”I think we should encourage these people. We have to encourage them, because they have the courage to cook despite everythingLady tell us.

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Its audacity motivates its competitors

And on Restaurant Street, where many other establishments have already been established, reviews are also positive among colleagues. “It also motivates us to see that despite everything, there are still people who are interested in this. There are still people who want to make it their life and their profession. We have to care about those who open up as well, and not just talk about bankruptcies and miseryManuel Garcia, a neighborhood restaurant owner, says.

It remains to be seen when Joseph can turn his project into reality and welcome his first clients to the table.

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