Nadim Al-Zahawi is a thorn in the side of Rishi Sinak

In October 2022, he came to power, promising to return “to integrity”. Three months later, while the country is in the midst of crisis with frequent strikes and a faltering economy, Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, faces the first major scandal within his government.

Tory leader and minister without portfolio Nadim Zahawi, whom he named as he arrived at 10 Downing Street, is accused of breaching Cabinet law, while remaining silent over a row with multimillion-pound taxes he had to pay for fine.

Co-founder of the YouGov Poll Institute

In a bid to put out the fire, Rishi Sunak ordered an investigation on Monday 23 January into his ally’s disputes with the tax authorities. integrationResponsibility and accountability are very important to me and clearly in this situation there are questions that need to be answered.”He admitted his refusal at the present time to dismiss Nadim Al-Zahawi, while the Labor Party and the opposition Liberal Democrats are calling for his head.

Who is Nadim Al Zahawi? Born in Baghdad in 1967 to Iraqi Kurdish parents, he arrived in the United Kingdom in 1976 after fleeing his country. He went first into business, and then into politics by joining the Conservative Party. He then won the seat as MP for the constituency of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of British playwright William Shakespeare.

Appointed Minister of Government Relations in Provisional Government (1 month, 9 days) by Liz TrussThen he was appointed head of the Conservative Party and a minister without portfolio in the current government.

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Nadim Al Zahawi is best known as the co-founder of YouGov Poll Institute. The fine he had to pay to the tax authorities related to his participation in this same company. According to the BBC, he decided to pay the taxes he owed, in addition to the fine, when he briefly served as Finance Minister in Boris Johnson’s second government, from July 5 to September 6, 2022 (two months and one day). Total amount is approximate, depending on guardian Which experts are quoted as 5 million pounds sterling (5.6 million euros).

a ” Careless errors »

Al-Zahawi’s tax case hit the media in the summer of 2022. On July 6, the day after he was appointed as a consultant, The Independent Reports that he has been investigated by the National Crime Agency (the UK’s main agency against organized crime) and the Revenue Service. Al-Zahawi replied to the newspaper that he had no knowledge of that and that he was aware of it “pay all his taxes”.

But since the Labor opposition accused him of settling his situation late, when he was Minister of Finance. Under political and media pressure, Nadim Al-Zahawi, who denies negotiating anything, admits to “careless errors”but still refused to resign.

Appointment of Richard Sharpe

By demanding an investigation from the government’s ethics official, Rishi Sunak hoped to smooth things over and appoint him as party chief?

And since problems never come alone, another issue arises and this time it involves Boris Johnson. This is the appointment of Richard Sharpe in 2021 as Chairman of the influential British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Then this ex-banker (who worked eight years at JPMorgan and twenty-three years at Goldman Sachs) would have it by playing, before his appointment, matchmaker to help Boris Johnson secure a loan of at least … 800 thousand pound!

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On the defensive again, Rishi Sunak asked the government’s commissioner in charge of public appointments to shed light on Richard Sharpe’s recruitment process to identify potential failure. The latter asked the BBC to investigate his appointment to determine if there was a potential conflict of interest.

After thirteen years of absolute power, the British Conservative Party appears increasingly undermined by affairs involving its leaders.

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