“Mystery” in a huge session in Espace Carat

The preview will be shown in the auditorium on Saturday, August 28, in the presence of the film crew

L ‘carat space He will once again be the featured witness to a “huge session” during the 2021 edition of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival. the film ” puzzle “ It will be shown there on Saturday 28th August at 4pm.

It will succeed Grand Corps Malade’s feature film “La vie scolaire,” which gathered more than 2,000 people at the exhibition center last year. Director Dennis Imbert will be making the trip to accompany the screening of his film in preview. Actors Vincent Elbaz, Mary Gillan, and Shanna Kell will also be part of the on-site cast.

with wolves

The feature film tells of the daily life of young Victoria, to whom the shepherd entrusts a puppy named Mystery. Only, his father quickly enough realizes that he is not a dog, but a wolf. Then he decided to separate the animal from his daughter, which dismayed the latter. “The magic depends on the relationship between Shana, the 8-year-old actress, and the can she was accepted into,” explains Dennis Imbert.

To reserve your place, you must go to the festival site with your entry card or buy a place individually (€2.50).

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