Mysterious ‘portal’ filmed on Mars arouses the interest of netizens

The Curiosity rover, which NASA deployed to Mars in 2012, continues to send back images of the red planet to Earth. One of the last shots is interesting.

Dated Saturday, May 7, the image appears to have been taken from a science fiction movie. In the desolate landscape of Mars, a kind of door appears, rectangular in shape and perfectly cut into a rock formation.

Top-secret US base or sanctuary for Mars: speculation circulates on social networks.

But often, the explanation is more scientific. “Of course (maybe) not a strange door, but landslides after fractures in the rock!” , explains Ciel & Espace magazine on Twitter.

According to the site Science alertthe fractures could have been caused by the May 4 earthquake on Mars, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded.

The image released by Curiosity has been greatly enlarged, and some experts also believe that the “door” may actually be very small.

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