My tips to quit snacking

Snacks can be defined as the consumption of small amounts of food outside of meals. Sometimes it even happens that traditional meals disappear in favor of snacks, and in turn, the pounds end up stabilizing. Here’s how to fight that tendency to stop snacking…permanently.

Most of the time, nibbling is neither insatiable nor anorexic. They eat the foods that make them gladly, unlike the voracious ones who eat to fill up. this is Snack It can take all possible forms of food (chocolate bars, biscuits, candies, etc.) and occur in every moment today.

Snack: Is it a fun moment?

It is never caused by hunger but by need I do wellThen we understand that it is difficult to stop snacking. Eating foods, especially the ones we love, makes it possible to fill a stage ofboringa Emotional vacuumforget an unpleasant thought or calm a Stress.

It is a form of alternative medicine because eating leads to denorphin secretion Which will provide a wave of pleasure and eliminate resentment. In this case, blame is wrong As this will increase your snacking intake, and it is best to learn how to manage it.

The most drastic way to stop snacking is to choose foods that fit our cupboards to avoid products that tempt us the most, and fill them up with the foods we eat. Less calorie density. It’s the first step.

Of course there is still the problem of other family members, but it is necessary to make a choice or appropriate a custom locker. This won’t stop snacking, but will direct it toward foods that are low in calories, fatty, and sugary. To combat gnawing, the ideal is anticipation.

We can, for example, leave carefully selected foods lying on the kitchen table, which will gradually turn nibbling into a snack. Yogurt, egg whites, boiled eggs, fruit quarters, sticks of raw vegetables

Bring Infusion and herbal tea or any other drink without Sugar It allows both to occupy the time, suspend the impulse to snack and fill the stomach with a drink that does not provide calories.

Define a snacking routine

An analysis of the sequence that precedes gnawing, and the nature of the emotion that leads to the feeling of the urge to eat, makes it possible to adopt a strategy in the face of the emotion.

a necklace small notebook Both food and personality It can help to relate snacking to moments in life, to be aware of them and thus prevent them by adopting avoidance behavior whenever risks arise.

Stop consciously eating snacks or snacks? – Dr.. Jean-Michel Cohen

Anything can be good: go out for walk, phone To a friend, take a book, so why not make a recipe…Don’t confuse nibbling with pseudobulimia, which are food compulsions.

Omnivores absolutely strive to fill themselves, are not interested in the taste of food, eat a lot alone and in secret. The compulsive eating They are moving towards pleasant, often sweet products, which are especially appreciated.

They do not reflect an intense psychological struggle, and often take a ritual or routine aspect, which can install over time even after the cause has been removed. Feeling anxious, conscious or unconscious, is the root cause most of the time.

This is also sometimes the case with nighttime eaters who wake up and cannot sleep until they have absorbed a “dose” of pleasure.

Because in this case it is a file Self-medication to fight negative thoughts. When these compulsions do not result in the use of the same systems as SnackBehavioral therapies are helpful. They usually start with very simple instructions.

How to stop snacking in 4 steps

Before consulting a specialist, you can start Adopt the following technology When all compulsion to stop eating snacks.

  • needed sitting Every time you eat any food. If you have to eat pain chocolate bought from a bakery outside, you will have to sit on a bench to consume it.
  • to force himself to Enjoy the first two cases of each dish by chewing it adequately and trying to perceive all tastes.
  • stop for a minute In the middle of every food intake, no matter what.
  • force yourself to Leave it on your plate (even if it interferes with your upbringing) bite From every dish or every food.

Snacking is often associated with a usually. We eat in front of the TV, take a coffeewhile relaxing with colleagues… To break these habits, consider eating meals with foods that are highly satiating and that will last until the next meal.

Or you can expect to eat snacks and incorporate them fully into your diet by keeping fruit and Yogurt A meal to eat later in the afternoon or evening.

One thing is for sure, with Cohen’s method, snacks either disappear or become part of your nutritional intake. It’s all about balance!

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