My First Time: Season 3 confirmed by Netflix

The first season of “My Firstimes” climbed into the top ten of the most watched shows on the platform when it was released, and then again thanks to Season 2. There’s no doubt that the next round of episodes will be no exception to the rule. Because the series, partly autobiographical, directed by Mindy Kaling, has just been officially renewed. We’ll obviously find young Devi Vishwakumar, Fabiola and Eleanor, her best friends, but especially Ben and Paxton, the two boys whose heart is so balanced for her. Fans are eagerly waiting to find them. Due to the massive success of the first two seasons, confirmation of this third installment on Instagram has garnered over 400,000 likes! Netflix, aware of this madness, captioned the post: “We’re holding back but the first time is back for season 3.”

What does this suite have in store for us?

After the final episode of Season 2, we wonder how the rest of the series will unfold. [Attention spoilers] Davy, who has hesitated between his suitors Ben and Paxton, finally enters into an affair with the latter. So we can imagine that the sequel will focus on their relationship or that a new development will call into question his choice. My First Times lead actress Maitri Ramakrishnan said in an ET interview that it would be a challenge for Devi to be the girlfriend of a famous high school boy, before adding, ‘It’s great to see her in this situation because it really happened. It didn’t happen to her. But Ben sure is always on strike…” Indications that promise many adventures to keep going! However, we will have to wait until 2022 to see this third season on screen.

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