“My feelings are mixed” -F. Dumontier

The decision was made late last week, but it was not made public until Wednesday morning.

The cancellation of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Canada was inevitable in the context of the pandemic.

After overriding responsibility in recent weeks, various levels of government confirmed the news during a joint press conference held on Wednesday in default mode.

A disappointment to my team

“My feelings are mixed,” Francois Dumontier said in an interview with the “Journal de Montreal”. Between the excitement of this cancellation and the assurance of extending the agreement for two years. “

“I am disappointed with my team, to the many volunteers and all the participants who contributed to the success of the event,” the promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix continued.

Contrary to some rumors circulating (which were sparked by Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault), the future of the Canadian Grand Prix was never threatened. COVID-19 is a force majeure that justifies its cancellation. So the financial aspect was not an issue.

In fact, had it not been for a pandemic, the Grand Prix would have been contested last year and the Formula 1 Circus would have moved to Montreal in six weeks.

Back next year

“I am not a party to the contract between F1 and the sponsors,” Dumontier said. I am not in a position to tell you whether a race, as some have claimed, is in danger if it has not been introduced for two years. “

Dumontier boycotted. The closed door race had already been considered, but an agreement was needed to cover the operating and setup costs that had to be borne by the promoter.

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However, without selling tickets, the main source of income, the operation was clearly not profitable.

He said, “I could not open and light a room without someone occupying it.” It was impossible to do it without the onlookers. “

Important stopover

Dumontier said Montreal is a must for F1. Not without reason.

“It is the oldest major prize outside of Europe,” he said. Liberty Media, which owns US-based F1, is very keen on the North American and Montreal market. Other cities around the world are willing to pay more for the rights to bid. “

Despite this other package, Dumontier intends to remain in office. He says his company, Octane Racing Group, although shaken, will also survive the pandemic. Hopefully, fans will be able to reconnect with F1 in 2022, and above all, under normal conditions.

He concluded by saying, “We have good years ahead.” Our customers will be informed of the rest of the order. They will have the option to keep their tickets or compensate them. “

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