Museum space around the renovated tiger reservoir

At the top of the town of Huvalles, the German Tiger Tank is a symbol and witness the Battle of the Bulge in the area. Two years ago, the municipality, together with several partners, began restoring the reservoir, and the project, which will be realized next year, goes beyond the reservoir itself. Regarding the tank itself, everything will be done to protect it, with a roof but also a décor to make it less “accessible” to evil people. “The visitor will have the impression that the cart is literally rolling over the rubble, as Mark Cabras, Mayor of Huvalles, explains, for example stones in the square, which reduces accessibility … But we want that, in a visual way, the evening reservoir is fully accessible. ”

And near the tank, a new space in a wooden barracks, like the one we saw in the city in 1945. The bombings destroyed 99% of the Havalese during the Ardennes offensive. “This is an opportunity to confirm that the city was first rebuilt with wood, before the constructions that can be seen today,” Mayor continues. A museum and memorial space, which will showcase parts of the German Tiger Tank, but also parts of the region’s history, during these tragic events. A film filmed immediately after the bombings will show Havalese before, during and after the battle. The museum space will open in 2022. As for the Tiger Reservoir, which is currently still under repair in Germany, this summer it will return to Bastogne to be repainted and is scheduled to return to Huvalles for the celebration next December.

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