MultiVersus: Velma will no longer call the police with her passive skills

A few days ago, developers MultiVersusAnd the First player gamesI decided to replace the police car with a Scooby Gang hippie truck The latest update of the game.

The Mystery Incorporated saves the day

During the fight, clues will appear, thanks in particular to Velma’s skills. She and her allies can capture these clues to fill in the evidence scale. When the latter is full, Velma can call the police car that will search for the nearest enemy, drive him out, and try to drag him off the map. The trapped enemy can try to struggle to escape from the car and his allies can attack the car to try to free them.Can we read the description From negative film at MultiVersus.

In absolute terms, the idea is rather amusing. But actually, seeing a police car go off and cause havoc, in a game with black characters, including real people like LeBron James, in 2022 isn’t that funny.

Therefore, Player First Games has made the wise decision – and at the very least, as no comment on this topic has been made – To replace the police with the Mystery Machine, also known as Scooby Doo truck and friends. The result is the same more joyful and less embarrassing.

Change in gameplay

As you can see in the video above, the Mystery Machine is much larger than the previously used police cars. In fact, Tony Huynh, co-founder of the development studio and director of the game, said on Twitter that This change was both an improvement and a flaw: the Mystery Machine’s larger size compared to a police car means it has a higher chance of hitting enemies, but also a higher chance of getting hit.

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In addition, first player games have made important changes to character success boxes and pain boxes in this new update, As promised a few weeks ago : Now, instead of a simple rectangular halo around the characters, The hitboxes and hurtboxes will match the animation and actual character modelwhich will greatly improve the gameplay and balance of the menu.

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