Multiversus Coming Soon to iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch – Rumor

MultiVersus It is a “free” game that allows you to play with characters from Warner licenses. With a beta currently open, the game will soon be available on PC, Xbox And the Play Station. Officially, the title has yet to be announced on the Nintendo Switch. At the same time, the Nintendo console has the advantage of choosing: Super Smash Bros. climax which remains the undisputed master of the genre that he himself created. However, this does not prevent from the console nintendo To accommodate all types of Smash Bros-Like Quarrel where Nickelodeon All Star Brawlfor example. MultiVersus So you can find a place in a catalog Nintendo SwitchEspecially since it’s “free”. A priori, it is a scheme. Aptly named Twitter account InTheShade – Multiversus Leaks It already reveals that Nintendo Switch But also the iOS and Android mobile platforms are already included in the list of devices that players can use to connect and play the game.

While waiting for the official information, feel free to tell us in the comments, if you want to find it MultiVersus on me Nintendo Switch.

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