Much. In Prayssac and Luzech, a digital casserole, a co-working space open 7 days a week

William Carroll and Benoit Lafargue at the “Faitout Numérique” building in Braissac. (© Actu Lot)

After the opening of the “Faitout Numérique” in Prayssac and Luzech, in the Lot Valley, on Friday 22 May 2021, we met Mr. Benoît Lafargue and Mr. William Cayrol, responsible for the operation of the new co-working spaces in Prayssac and Luzech, already in operation for companies or individuals.

News: What are your roles?

: Benoît Lafargue: My role in spaces covers three aspects: welcoming people who are interested in the space, the technical aspect so that everything goes well with reservations, no errors, how to install a meeting, check the equipment, and support users for the best services. The third part is about the animation in relation to the providers and also what I can do. My role is that of a facilitator so that it is easier to integrate place and use, and to bring our users into contact with others from the outside.

William Carroll: I am responsible for the network, and I am responsible for representing the community for economic development, coordinating actions between the various users and partners. My role is also to do the Economic Development Service once a week, to be as close as possible to project leaders and to those who wish to receive support from the Department of Economic Development. It’s also attractive with the “Oh my Lot” approach, if someone from abroad has just moved, which can be done here in a friendly and professional environment. I receive by appointment, in Prayssac or Luzech. With Benot, it’s teamwork.

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For workers and project leaders

Who is a digital casserole for?

BL and WC: Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Remote Workers, Project Leaders, Companies, VSE / SMEs, Startups, Associations, Students, Individuals… Co-working space responds to new ways of working, we are equipped for remote training (in video conferencing) ), it is a new use.

How do you see the future?

BL and WC: We are open and we already have about twenty reservations, now remote work is even more important. We offer the same services as those in the city do when we are in the countryside: people on the move check if there is internet. Our wipers are extremely high speed fibres.

Who are the project funders?

BL and WC: Community of Communes in the Valley of Lot and the Vineyards, Department, Region, State, and European Union.

How is the reservation made?

BL and WC: Everything is done via the Internet on the website, information on 07 62 19 48 14, e-mail: [email protected] Everything is done by online payment, the premises are open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm with secure independent access as per package.

Interview by Brigitte Jenebaault

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