Mubasher – Changing Delta: the situation is ‘under control’ in the Land Islands but ‘vigilance’ is required

The situation is “under control” in the territories

On Monday, authorities said the health situation in Landes was “not particularly alarming” but “calls for vigilance”. “It is a situation that is not particularly worrisome but deserves our vigil,” Governor Cecil Pigott-Decaiser said during a press release, stressing that the second phase of the planned dismantling on Wednesday was “not in question.”

And insisting that the “situation is under control”, she returned to 31 confirmed cases in Landes of delta-variable pollution, which were first identified in India in April. “The infection rate has increased significantly in recent weeks, but it is still moderate, with between 80 and 100 cases (per 100,000 population),” Nassib said.

Marked that “the situation is nothing to worry about”, “the people affected (from the delta variant) are young, only 5 are over 50, one is over 75,” explained Didier Cauteaud, management delegate at ARS for Landes. He added that most of them had not been vaccinated, except for one person who was “on a full vaccination schedule” but received his second dose two days before the test. Two others received a first dose. Mr Couteaud added that there were “neither deaths nor hospitalizations associated with these cases” of the variant, noting that the rare hospitalizations were attributable to “increased use of dolabrine”. These 30 or so cases concern 15 homes, mainly families. These include “secondary sector workers” and two people who have been accommodated in reception centers for asylum seekers and are part of “15 departures”.

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