Ms. Victoria Nuland received the President of the Sahel

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His Excellency the President of the Republic received the President of the State, Mr. Mohamed Bazoum, on Thursday noon, July 5, 2021, the Ambassador, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Mrs. Victoria Nuland. The reception was attended in particular by the Minister of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Niger, Mr. Hassoumi Masoudou, and the Ambassador of the United States of America to Niger, Mr. Eric B. Whitaker.

At the end of the discussions, Minister of State Massoud Hassoumi expressed his happiness with this first visit of this American dignitary to Niger. “This high-level visit by the US government bears witness to the distinction of our relations and the great friendship between our two countries since 1961. It has been exactly sixty (60) years since we have had very strong relations with the United States,” welcomed the Nigerian Chief of Diplomacy. He then noted that their host appreciates that “Niger is a democratic country despite the very difficult and unfavorable environment (…). This explains why Niger is such an important step in his first trip to Africa.” Mr. Massoud Hassoumi noted that “this proves the interest that the United States attaches to the Nigerian democratic experience in an environment characterized by terrorism.”

In reaction after this meeting with the Head of State, Mrs. Victoria Nuland announced that she had come to Niger “to strengthen the already excellent relations of cooperation between the USA and Niger, particularly with regard to the security plan”, as the army is “very active” in Niger and also from Where to strengthen governance and promote inclusive economic growth. On this latter topic, the US diplomat indicated that her country funds many projects and programs in Niger, particularly the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA). “We want to go beyond what we’re already doing, especially in agriculture and we also intend to explore other sectors, such as energy and education, particularly girls’ education,” said Ms. Nuland.

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Introducing the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, US Ambassador to Niger, Mr. Eric Whitaker said Ms. Victoria Nuland is one of the top US diplomats and the country’s oldest civil servant. US State Department, after Secretary Blinken and his deputies. “She is a senior US government employee and diplomat with 32 years of service to date and is, according to Eric Whitaker, the first Biden Harris administration executive to visit sub-Saharan Africa. Niger is her last stop on the continent.” Ms. Victoria Nuland chose to visit Niger and meet President Mohamed Bazoum and Minister Massoud Hassoumi because Niger is an important partner and ally, a friendly country that matters to the United States.” Ambassador Eric Whitaker.

Note that this visit of the US Under Secretary of State, responsible for political affairs, to Niger constitutes the final stage of a long African journey that began on July 31, 2021, after having led her to Africa. South, in Botswana, in Tanzania and finally in our country.

Mohamedo Diallo (onep)

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