Movies that you should definitely watch this season while waiting for Christmas 2021!

Quickly discover all the movies from the Netflix streaming platform to watch before Christmas 2021 arrives!

Discover without further ado all the absolutely must-watch Netflix movies while you wait for Christmas. The season of Christmas movies has just begun on the Netflix streaming platform. The latter took the opportunity to release a selection of her best films in anticipation of Christmas. See you soon below to discover them all!

Chicago Princess is among the Netflix movies to watch this winter

The Princess of Chicago is one of the must-watch movies on Netflix while waiting for Christmas. At the moment, the first two parts of the saga are available on the streaming platform. But the third part will be streaming on Netflix very soon.

In this series of films, you will meet Stacey and Margaret, two young women who are physically similar to each other like twin sisters. While Stacy and Margaret look alike, their everyday lives are not.

Indeed, while one is a princess destined to become a queen, and the other is a pastry chef. The two young women will use their similarities to exchange their lives. Both characters are played by the same actress, Vanessa Hudgens. In the second film, she played a third character, Fiona.

To find out more, don’t miss the release of The Princess of Chicago 3 on Netflix. This third movie promises to be rich in twists and turns for Stacy, Margaret, and even Fiona! You can even watch the trailer already if you want!

A romantic comedic holiday awaits before Christmas

The Holiday is a romantic Christmas comedy that you can already watch on the Netflix streaming platform. In this movie, you will find famous actress Cameron Diaz as well as talented Kate Winslet. The two women will be surrounded by Judd’s law of attraction.

You will then meet Amanda and Iris, two young girls who are not happy in love. This needs to change. That is why, on the occasion of the end of the year festivities, they will decide to replace their homes. One will leave London for Los Angeles and vice versa.

However, their arrival at their vacation home will not be as peaceful as they expected. The Christmas holidays will allow them to meet new people, and why not find love again.

The Holiday is the perfect movie to get you in the mood for the holiday season. If you don’t know what to watch this weekend, you know what to do to have a great time!

Holidate, among the Netflix movies to watch this winter

Holidate is a romantic comedy that you can actually find on the Netflix streaming platform. In this Christmas movie, you will find actress Emma Roberts in the main role. You definitely saw it in the American Horror Story series. In this movie, you play Sloan, a young single woman who is tired of being isolated at every party and holiday of the year. It is then that you will meet Jackson, who is also a single young man, in the same situation as you.

The two young men would then decide to spend every holiday, event, and holiday of the year together. So they will also meet at Christmas as on New Year’s Day or at Easter. But gradually, as they spend time together, they will begin to feel real feelings for each other. This comedy will let you have a great time full of fun and touching. It’s a great movie that will keep you waiting before Christmas!

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