Movies & Series to Watch in April on Netflix

serial anatomy scandalFrom Sarah Vaughan’s book Netflix

As the month of April comes, Netflix brings us a list of novelties that combine adventure, laughter and drama with a return‘eliteLegendary movie miser And a whole new creativitymasters of metals.

to know more

serial russian doll By Natasha Lyonne (pictured), Amy Voehler and Leslie Hedland Netflix Press Service

tiger and rabbit (April 8)

elite (April 8)

Ultraman (April 14)

Pacific Rim: Black (April 14)

The best of Saul on demand (from April 19)

russian doll (April 20)

sunset sale (April 22)

Ozark (April 29)

On the video, the trailer for elite season 5

For the first season

new anime tiger and rabbit Netflix Press Service

Trivia Quest (1Verse April)

The Tiger and the Rabbit: The Beginning (1Verse April)

tomorrow (from April 9)

taxi driver (April 22)

Lea’s Seven Life (April 28)

bubble (April 28)

To see a few people

documentary National Parks: These are the wonders of the world In the voice of former President Obama Netflix Press Service

back to space (7 April)

National Parks: These are the wonders of the world (13 April)

Abercrombie & Fitch: A Brand on the Brink (April 19)

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Untold Conversations (April 27)

to go on an adventure

Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock in The ruined man. Warner Bros.

ruined man (1Verse April)

Apollo 10: My Childhood Missiles (1Verse April)

anatomy scandal (April 15)

full powers (1Verse April)

to laugh a little

the movie bubble With Karen Gillan Netflix Press Service

miser (1Verse April)

bubble (1Verse April)

Toy (1Verse April)

Warning: We’ll get married or it’s over (from 6 April)

Herstuber (April 22)

Sunday night drama

in between (April 8)

Transformation (April 20)

back to adolescence

Isis Hensworth as Emily and Jaden Martell as Kevin metal masters Netflix Press Service

metal masters (April 8)

choose or die (April 15)

for life lesson

Brio (1Verse April)

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