‘Move and stay’ offer for British teleworkers

Accor has launched its Commute & Stay promotion in the UK, where it offers discounts to employees who move between home and the office.

Executives who stay away from town to s’installer in interrupt : This phenomenon, as a result of frequent confinement and the widespread growth of remote work, is not limited to Paris. In the UK, many also left London or other major cities for a less urban atmosphere. In fact, the coasts of Kent or Devon lack neither charm nor attractions for city dwellers looking for a better balance in life. Movement supported by large companies Which provides its employees with more scope to work from home, but also requires frequent trips between their homes and offices.

Hence the need for housing when they are in town, which is what Accor intends to use it with The launch of the ‘Move and Stay’ offer in the UK. In this context, flex-workers can make the hotel their urban base when they come to spend two days in the office by taking advantage of a discount of up to 15% on the room rate. All with flexible cancellation terms that can be combined with the 10% discount offered to members of the free ALL loyalty program.

Although the ‘Move and Stay’ offer is only relevant to the UK at the moment, it could be rolled out to other markets in North East Europe depending on the results. However, with The current evolution of work habits After the pandemic, its importance is clear. ” The reality of remote work during a pandemic is very different from “normal” work from homeKarel Lamouche, Accor’s Director of Sales for Northern Europe. We believe the solution for the future lies in a hybrid model where employers rethink commercial real estate and office space to allow employees to work from home, and where employees rethink life at home and work. Balance between office and remote workOr the best way to reconcile the personal and professional worlds.

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