Moscow Tried To Destroy An American Regime, And It Happened – La Nouvelle Tribune

Illustrative photo of the Russian army (AFP)

last week, Russia allegedly tried to destroy the Patriot air defense system American manufacture in Ukraine using a hypersonic missile, according to CNN quoted US officials. Despite this attack, The Ukrainian military managed to intercept the missile and save the Patriot system, marking the first known successful use of this advanced air defense system just weeks after their arrival in the country. The American media provided some details of the American manufacturing system.

The Patriot missile system has a powerful radar to detect targets coming from long range, which makes it a powerful air defense platform capable of intercepting ballistic and other missiles. But the radar emission needed to detect threats at a distance also allows the enemy to detect and locate a Patriot battery. And unlike some of the short-range air defenses being supplied to Ukraine that are mobile and difficult to target, the Patriot’s large battery is a static system, allowing the Russians to focus on location over time.“, He says US media CNN.

American officials have explained that there are ways to obscure these signals to some extent, but it is clear that the Russian military was able to determine the approximate location of the attack. Patriot parked outside Kyiv. They think the Russians have captured them The signals emitted by the Patriot missiles, Allow them to target the system using A hypersonic missile Russian-made, known as Kinjal or Killjoy.

The interception was reported by US media CNN on the night of May 4, and Ukrainian air defenders opened fire. Several Patriot missiles From different angles of objection Russian missile. In recent days, the Western media has widely reported on the achievement of the Iraqi army Zelensky. Indeed, according to these sources, the Ukrainian military succeeded in shooting down the Russian Kinjal missile, which was previously presented personally by the President of the Russian Federation as an “invincible missile”.

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