Moscow says the US mission in Afghanistan has failed

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The US withdrawal from Afghanistan creates a security risk in neighboring countries and thus on Russia’s borders. The situation that worries Moscow, Russian diplomacy did not hesitate to describe as a failure imposed by the entire American mission in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Jean Didier Ravin

About the Russian Foreign Minister There is a real danger of instability spreading to neighboring countries from Afghanistan. In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where he participated in an international conference on cooperation with Central and South Asian countries, Sergey Lavrov emphasized that “ Hasty withdrawal US military units NATO has heightened military and political uncertainty in and around the country. »

And the head of Russian diplomacy did not fail to scratch the US administration either. “ Even if Joe Biden tries to present the situation in the most positive color, everyone understands that the mission failed, and it was recognized by everyone, including in the United States. Sergey Lavrov noted.

Words express Russia’s concern after 1,000 Afghan soldiers took refuge last week in the former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan to escape a Taliban attack.

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Moscow fears a domino effect that would see Islamic terrorists move first into the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, and better penetrate Russia.

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