Moscow says Navalny is an American man in Russia

(Moscow) Russian diplomat Alexei Navalny’s move to quell US criticism following Russia’s ban on the Kremlin’s main critic’s organization is being led by the United States, he said on Thursday.

Mr. Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that the speed with which Washington condemned the nightly decision of Russian justice to ban all of Navalny’s structures shows that he is in fact their “agent.”

“Two hours later, they are releasing a special report,” he told the public radio station Westi-FM. “They show such political interest because we touched on those they oversaw and those they supported politically and otherwise,” he said.Me Zakarova.

Mr. Navalny has been in prison since January, and his supporters have always denied any contact with Western powers, claiming the allegations are aimed at discrediting lies. Even the Kremlin considered the enemy to be collaborating with foreign intelligence.

Since his arrest in January, Russia has launched a major legal offensive against the enemy, especially those close to Navalny, when he recovered from a poisoning he claimed to have ordered from Vladimir Putin.

The ban on extremism for these organizations is paving the way for the exclusion of its supporters from the legislative elections in September.

Mr. Navalny’s movement was the main opposition formation in the Kremlin.

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