Mortality in the UK falls by 24% in a week, with the average case being the lowest since October: “It is declining faster than most people expect”

In the UK, 10,625 corona viruses and 799 deaths were reported in 24 hours, according to British media. These are a significant decrease compared to last Tuesday, with 12,364 infections and 1,052 deaths from Govt-19 disease. Generally, numbers are higher on Tuesdays due to delays in sending data on weekends.

The average number of cases for the previous 7 days is the lowest since last October.

Currently, at least one dose of the vaccine is available to 15.5 million Britons. Although decision-making is very high, there is still confidence across the channel that this sudden drop is the result of rapid vaccination in the region.

According to Cambridge University statistician David Spiegelholder, who spoke to the Times Radio, this good news may be the result of a concerted effort of health measures and vaccines: “We are declining significantly faster. .I think it is declining faster than most people expect, ”he explains.

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