Morocco vs United Kingdom: 2 thousand year old nations and 8 centuries of friendship

Morocco and the United Kingdom, nations two thousand years old, have maintained a lasting friendship for nearly eight centuries, fused with mutual respect and esteem. This year’s celebration, which marks the 300th anniversary of the first peace and trade agreement signed between the two kingdoms, is a testament to this millennial relationship that has now turned to the future and especially thanks to its implementation. Their post-Brexit union agreement.

Furthermore, the new foreign policy of the United Kingdom, known as “Global Britain”, has allowed it to breathe new life into its relations with Morocco, thus strengthening the ongoing strategic dialogue since the London Minister of Foreign Affairs’ visit to London in 2018. Foreigners, African Cooperation and Expatriate Moroccans, Nasser Purida. It was able to identify the strategic challenges of Moroccan-United Kingdom relations, allowing its first session to establish a strategic security dialogue, while the British Department of Transport proposed to strengthen technical cooperation in the field of shipping and port security.

In addition, Morocco was one of the first countries to conclude a union agreement with the United Kingdom in October 2019, so the legal vacuum created by the UK’s exit from the EU can be expected.

This partnership, in the context of bilateral relations, restores all the benefits that the two countries have bestowed on each other within the framework of the Moroccan EU Agreement. This allows trade between the two countries to proceed on a regular basis, providing the necessary visibility and guarantees for economic operators on both sides.

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Realizing the continuation of bilateral relations and the interest in safeguarding the mutual interests of the two countries, the diplomats of the two countries in the pre-Brexit period came out unscathed in Moroccan-British relations.

Undoubtedly testifying to the depth of relations between the two countries, the Moroccan-United Kingdom Association Agreement reflects the relevance and insight of the policy initiated by HM King Mohammed VI to diversify the nation’s alliances. And to consolidate its position as the center of Africa. A boon for the British government, which aims to become the leading investor in the G7 countries in Africa by 2022. In this context, the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco underscored the importance of Morocco in this process as a bridge and connection with the African continent.

In this context, the Kingdom may become the preferred destination for post-British Brexit investments, especially as many previous agreements have facilitated the process.

The Memorandum of Understanding, concluded in 2020, aims to create a joint working group on the sidelines of the “UK-Africa Investment Summit” in the British capital to improve exchange opportunities. Trade and investment kingdoms.

The first Moroccan-United Kingdom Business Dialogue session was held on the sidelines of the summit, which already foretold the outlines of the new British foreign policy, bringing together more than 110 Moroccan companies and 225 operators. Demonstrates trade and investment opportunities offered by both countries.

In addition, the previous two editions of the Strategic Dialogue revived cultural cooperation with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the formation of a Joint Liaison Committee on Education and the British School Organization Agreement. Morocco.

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On the ground, it opened the first British international school, the “British Academy School of Marrakesh” at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, with the aim of continuing this momentum to open new schools throughout Morocco.

Climate cooperation cannot be surpassed as both countries have established themselves as world leaders in environmental activities. This is confirmed by the Performance Index Ranking Report on Climate Change (CCPI), in which the new climate agency estimates that “the United Kingdom and Morocco are leading the race towards carbon neutrality” with the Scandinavian countries.

The integration of views expressed at the last World Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow and the subsequent selection of the Kingdom by the British Presidency to a very short list of 20 countries participating in the Summit of World Leaders. Acceleration of innovation and use of pure energy “.

Janet Rogan, COP26 Regional Ambassador to the Middle East and Africa, took the opportunity to describe Morocco as “a leader in Africa”, pushing for advances in new technologies in the field of energy production.

This set of elements presents a bright future for relations that saw the light of day in 1213, and it should be thanked for the 3rd session of the Strategic Dialogue and the 1st session of the Association Council scheduled for London.

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