Morocco-United Kingdom: New direct sea link to avoid Brexit problems soon

Issued by Amin Kadri 02/26/2021 at 11:00 pm.

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The new sea line, which connects the tanker directly with the pool in the south of England, should allow Moroccan products to reach the English border within three days. This is to avoid the problems caused by Brexit.

A new direct shipping lane is expected to emerge between Morocco and the United Kingdom, which will help Moroccan products avoid border friction.

This new sea route, managed by United Seaways, will connect Tangier in the south of England directly with the pool, allowing Moroccan products to access English territory within three days, currently over six days. By land. This new route will also avoid additional import procedures caused by road congestion and Brexit.

The information in has been confirmed British media United Seaways, an English maritime expert, aims to promote trade across the British border by discovering and opening new sea routes between the United Kingdom and strategic locations.

The management of United Seaways, quoted by the English press, hopes that this new sea route will encourage British importers to obtain more and more from North Africa.

Although they are low compared to EU exports, fruits and vegetables account for the bulk of Moroccan exports to the UK. British importers bought new products worth 180 million in Morocco last year, ுக்கு 1.8 billion for Spain alone.

However, Nigel Jenny, CEO of Fresh Products Consortium, a UK-based trade association for fruit, said the full border restrictions on imports from the EU in July 2021 “threaten to disrupt the industry for generations to come.” Welcomes the opening of a new sea route, which represents a “great opportunity” to help the UK deliver new products from other partners such as Morocco.

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Note that 1e January 2021 marked the beginning of a new era in economic relations between Morocco and the United Kingdom. On that day, the UK officially withdrew from the European Union (EU), and at the same time, the union agreement signed with Morocco in London on October 26, 2019 came into force. This bilateral agreement restores all the effects that the two countries have had on each other within the framework of the Moroccan-EU agreement.

The Moroccan and British governments will hold a high-level meeting in London in the coming weeks to further improve economic and trade relations.

Written by Amin Kathiri

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