Morocco, small town in Indiana on display

An initiative of the Pulitzer Center, the short documentary Morocco and Morocco that retraces the Moroccan origins of a small town in Indiana, premiered this week in Washington.

Morocco and Morocco traces the story of a leather rider’s red shoe back to 1851. This is a man whose origins are in Morocco and featured on the city’s welcome sign. Approach two men who are clearing land in the midtown area of ​​the United States. The film also highlights the 171-year-old relationship between an Indiana farming community and the kingdom and way of life in Morocco, in the heartland of America’s deep. In addition, the documentary features a local doctor, sheriff, tattoo artist, farmer, and Moroccan children.

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This film “tries to understand the connections between the city of Morocco and Morocco,” explained the film’s director, journalist from Chicago Jackie Spinner, during a meeting held after the screening, in the presence of a number of journalists and university professors in addition to university professors. Members of the Moroccan community in the United States. According to her explanations, the idea for this movie came to her in 2019 when she was returning to her home in Chicago with her two sons, who were born in Morocco. a map. “After I spotted a town called Morocco, Indiana, on a map, I decided to stop there one morning,” she said.

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This 28-minute documentary was filmed in Morocco and Morocco.

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