Moroccan Sahara. Canada should follow in the footsteps of the US and Israel

Justin Trudeau should follow the examples of Trump, Biden and Netanyahu and recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, a column published in Le Journal de Montreal, which “could be a golden opportunity to close an alliance of choice with African powers, support its allies and remain in pole position.”

Israel’s official recognition of the kingdom’s sovereignty over its Sahara continues to provoke reactions around the world. In a column published in “Le Journal de Montréal”, researcher and political columnist Yasmine Abdelfadel said, “Once Canada followed its allies and noted that they would succeed, when will we wake up before that?”.

Today Canada is dragging its feet everywhere. Europe, Asia, South America and especially Africa. It is curious to see Canada absent from this continent of a thousand and one possibilities. A continent in turmoil, in terms of knowledge, technology, population and sustainable development. Source, China is everywhere in African territory, it creates, develops and registers as a partner of choice. Meanwhile, there are strong symbolic gestures that do not require extraordinary measures, Canada does not, the analyst and political columnist continued, taking the example of the issue of Morocco’s recognition of Western Sahara. “The United States, under the Trump administration and then under Biden, has long disputed the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, with the Polisario Front benefiting from Algeria’s support. A few days ago, it was the Israeli giant that officially recognized this Moroccan sovereignty over the region. What is Canada doing when these key allies are talking? He is hiding,” asserts Yasmin Abdelfatal.

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However, this is a golden opportunity for the North American country to seal a preferred alliance with African powers, support our allies, and be pole position in a promising economic and energy development for Africa and Canada. In the meantime, we maintain the expensive fade. We try to save the goat and the cabbage and it loses us in every way. Meanwhile, the Algerian president is cozying up to our political enemies, the Chinese and the Russians, he added.

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For the explorer and political essayist, the French, Belgians, English and Portuguese have long managed Africa as a backyard or well of wealth from which one can enrich oneself. Today, if the African approaches any Western power or is skeptical of seeking its friendship, Canada has the advantage that this continent has never had these past experiences. It has the advantage of being a member of the Commonwealth and La Francophonie. He proved that he was able to participate in struggles to liberate people rather than oppress them. But all this is part of our international footprint visionary, modern and acclaimed past. “Canada’s position on the world stage is tenuous, if not non-existent. The era of blue helmets and anti-apartheid struggle is over. We don’t know what the country is worth on the international stage beyond being America’s little brother and staunch ally. The weakness of our international theory is that we are practically excluded from new arenas of negotiation and restructuring,” he laments.

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