More than 300 people are accused of the assault on the Capitol building

Investigate those responsible [de cet assaut] On a large scale and developing at an unprecedented speed, and rightly soJohn Carlin said on Friday. Those responsible must be held accountable, and they will be held accountable, he added.

According to Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Bateman, law enforcement authorities estimate the number of protesters who managed to enter the vicinity of the Capitol on January 6 at 10,000, and the number who stormed the building.

Yogananda Bateman also said on Thursday Be concerned that extremists may want to blow up the Capitol building in the upcoming speech President Joe Biden is due to deliver to the House and Senate.

We know that militia members who were present on January 6 expressed their intention to blow up the Capitol and kill as many elected officials as possible in direct contact with [l’allocution sur] State of the Union.

Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pitman

Ms. Bateman thus warned that the enhanced security measures in place at the Capitol building since the beginning of January would be extended for some time. It is not currently planned to be permanent.

In this regard, a senior FBI official told reporters on Friday that FBI officers Watch closely People who did the assault as well Any reaction would indicate an intention to commit an attack.

According to this framework, American extremists have caused growing anxiety within the FBI for several years. However, he considers that the year 2020 has particularly highlighted it, and that the violent events of the past year have occurred Looks like nothing [le FBI] Saw decades ago.

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The attack, which occurred during the joint session of Congress to approve the Electoral College vote in favor of the Presidency of Joe Biden, killed five people, including a police officer, by beating a fire extinguisher.

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