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Moores. Espace Lamartine is temporarily unavailable

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This Saturday, June 10th, around 4 p.m., during a small rehearsal for the L’oiseau-Lyre Society show, attendees realized that an LED spotlight on the ceiling had caused a catastrophic start. Alerted by the smell, they quickly responded by cutting the power and calling the fire brigade. The glass wool under the roof took up about ten square metres. Immediately, the mayor, Laurent Petit, Claude Delacroix, second deputy, and Florent Villedoux, deputy for culture, expressed their appreciation for the effectiveness of the means of relief and congratulated the L’oiseau-Lyre volunteers for their responsiveness. L’oiseau-Lyre’s performance was postponed to October. The concert hall is closed until further notice while we take a full look at the electrical installation. During a recent town council meeting, the possibility of re-roofing the village hall was broached. This incident, which has been described as “more fear than harm,” will undoubtedly precipitate reflection.

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