moonflanquin. Genko Space is finally open!

The Ginko space is a federation of a sports hall, “Bastid’Fitness” (Ghislain Beck is the manager) with top quality equipment plus group lessons given by qualified instructors (free entry from 6am to 9:30pm) and a therapy space run by Pascal Rambeaut and Patrice Marquez. A pleasant and warm place consisting of 5 offices, shared for a few weeks already between different practitioners and speakers in a flexible way from half-day to full-time (equipped with equipment adapted to their practice); A variety of natural and non-invasive techniques such as shiatsu, magnetism, hypnosis, art therapy, strology, physiotherapy, reflexology, yoga … in order to help everyone find solutions adapted to their needs. Here is a multidisciplinary team of competent and motivated professionals. They will be able to exchange, share and consider the best conditions, universal care for the client in his deepest individuality. The Ginko space is part of a preventive approach to natural health: lifestyle (food, natural plants, physical activities); personality development (yoga, syllogism, hypnosis, meditation); Alternative medicine (complementary approaches to allopathic care). So this is a great choice! The initiators of this project specify: “Not all the services we provide can replace medical advice or a prescription”.

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