Moon arrives in the UK to attend the G7 summit

Cornwall, June 12 (Joint Press Corps-Yonhop) – President Moon Jae-in arrived in Cornwall County, England this Saturday to attend the Seven Group (G7) Annual Summit.

He is attending the meeting as a guest of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the host of this first major multilateral summit since the outbreak of the Govt-19 epidemic.

During the two-day “extended” G7 forum, which runs through Sunday in the country’s southwestern district, Moon plans to discuss ways to address challenges such as the health crisis, climate change and conflict. Business.

Other participants include leaders of the G7 member states: the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Great Britain, as well as representatives of the European Union. Leaders of Australia, India and South Africa have also been invited, while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is participating in the Govt-19 epidemic through video links.

Moon said the G7 invitation reflects South Korea’s growing position in the international arena “on a scale comparable to that of the G7 members.”

“My participation in the summit will act as a catalyst to improve our diplomacy,” he told a cabinet meeting earlier this week.

“Our responsibility and role in the international community has grown even greater,” he said, describing the G7 summit as an opportunity to expand Seoul’s “diplomatic frontiers” and strengthen its role in the process. Solution to pending global issues.

As part of the summit, Moon plans to hold face-to-face discussions with his British, Australian and European counterparts.

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