Montpellier / Video: How to protect yourself from the sun? Prevention Day at the Cancer Institute

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One hundred children gathered in Epidaurus to close the “1, 2, 3 suns” awareness campaign. (© ICM)

The Montpellier Cancer Institute ended its prevention campaign “1,2,3 Sun” on Friday against a hundred children.

From May 22 to 26, the Prevention Department of the International Medical Federation participated in a training 500 specialists Early childhood and recreation centers. 226 classrooms also participated in the campaign, ie 5,385 students. This Friday, June 2nd.

Preventive tips

The International Confederation of Midwives insists on the basic gestures that must be applied in order for the sun to remain a pleasure. Specifically, protect younger ones from the sun, avoiding exposure between 12pm and 4pm, seek shade as soon as possible or cover up (glasses, hats, etc.) and often renew your sun protection.


There are two basic types of skin cancer: carcinomas and melanomas. Cancers are the most common, but often easily treated. Melanomas are rare, but more serious.

In France, skin cancer is the ninth most common type of cancer and accounts for 4% of new cancer cases and 1.2% of cancer deaths. The number of new cases of skin cancer was estimated at more than 15,000 in France in 2017, and the number of deaths at nearly 1,800.


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