Montpellier: In Port Marian, Alter Ego has a new tasting space

Noble products and creative recipes: this is the new offering from Romain and Angélique Salamone and their partner Benoît Paillaugue.

Since 2018, Alter Ego has made a name for itself in the Montpellier economic scene. On top of this address located at the edge of the Jacques Coeur Basin in Port Marian are three close talents: Chef Romain Salamon, who trained at the Jardin des Sens; His wife Angélique, Chef de Ren, also passed through the Purcell Brothers Foundation as well as through the Paul Bocuse Group; and their partner, rugby player Benoit Baylaug, of MHR, whose second passion was gastronomy.

Since October 15, the trio is complementing its offering with a new thirty-seat dining space called Signature by Alter Ego. Installed on the top floor, it is part of the botanical decor and intimate atmosphere. “Our goal is to make each other happy and develop culinary ideas. I will go back to my first love by applying what I learned at Jardin des Sens”Behind the counter in the open kitchen designated for this new space, admits Roman Salamon.

Visual effects and flavor combinations

In earthenware crockery, matching the room’s elegant bohemian tone, the young chef plays on visual effects and flavor associations around noble produce: foie gras with a gingerbread heart, clementine glaze and pristine citrus sauce; Breton blue lobster, lacquered tail, and chopped claws with burnt lemon and mashed carrots with lobster bisque; Pink Veal Cooked On Low Heat, Jerusalem Artichoke Muslin And Potato Chips, Whole Bodied Mushroom. Dessert prepared at the table for each guest contributes to the scene of service.

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In this gastronomic space, the chef offers a unique (but adaptable to customer tastes) menu that will change every ten days or so. “It would be a mediterranean cuisine using seasonal produce”, Determines. Goal : “Back to the important tables in Montpellier by reviving an innovative hand-stitched kitchen.”

Signing by Alter Ego, in the evening from Tuesday to Saturday. Unique menu in seven courses. 62 euros. Reservations only by phone: 04 67 82 09 87.

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