Montauban. Flamenco music in the space of Augustine

Rocío Márquez symbolizes contemporary flamenco at its highest, and as much through the superiority of his song, the deep knowledge of the roots of his art, as well as through the enduring innovation it brings to it.

In 2008, Rossio Marquez won the “La Lámpara Minera” (Oscar of Flamenco) at the International Festival del Cante, in three categories at once, thus achieving European fame as a flamenco singer. She has since released four albums, ambitious as they are successful, which have become landmarks in modern flamenco history and fueled the repertoire of her many international concerts.

Fascinated by the diversity of flamenco vocal traditions, they combine singing styles from Cante Gondo to Cante Chico. Her sound is a wonderfully flexible instrument that captures the essence of flamenco, resonating with the past as she looks bravely toward the future. Sometimes tender, sometimes melancholy, sometimes penetrating, and always captivating.

Awarded at Victoires du Jazz 2020, in the category Best International Music Album for “Visto en el Jueves”.

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