Monster. Mud Circle at Espace Saint Gregoire, this Tuesday

The year 2022 begins with hype at Monster Valley School of Music and Dance who will host, next Tuesday night for Music, on Tuesday January 4th at 7pm the Circle of Mud in Saint Cultural Space. -Grégoire de Munster.

The lineup is made up of experienced Alsatian musicians with a great musical background, some of whom have either accompanied or participated in the program with famous artists such as Aznavour, Sachon, Bani. the sound.

Created under the leadership of Gino Monacello (steel lap and guitar), and soon joined by Florian Bauer (vocals and guitar), the group also consists of a shocking percussion section with Frank Mendes (bass) and Matthew Zirn (drums and percussion). Their strength, to deliver radical blues-tinged music with contemporary sounds accessible to both enthusiasts and the uninitiated. After several months in the studio, Mud Circle signed her first album with Dixiefrog Records, a benchmark in the French blues world.

An evening not to be missed in the Munster Valley where blues and jazz hold great interest, and held by its festival; This concert is the promise of an unforgettable musical moment.

Free admission, compulsory health entry permit and reservation can be made at 06 81 69 36 06 or by email at [email protected]

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