Mon bobo et Moi grow their tools to help children in hospitals

The main characters of the educational tools created by Aurélie Bigot are Dr. Todo with fairy wings, the superhero Crocco Biscotto, Mina the panda and Bello the kangaroo. Founded her association My Bobo and Iin Pejanus, in the Gironde, with the aim of supporting children to better understand hospitalization.

Through playful and educational media, she wanted to demystify these moments. She was found at the Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux, of which she is a partner.

life story

On April 7, the self-published story “Mina on the Road to Adventure” was published from the medical context. It was distributed to the children of Marcel Pagnol Kindergarten in Pejanos. This is an approach to increasing awareness of medical care. For the first time in a long series, O’Reilly pondered. Because this bond is the fruit of life experience. When she was three years old, her daughter, Livia, was taken into the care of a multidisciplinary team. The diagnosis is clear: She’s a carrier of a rare disease, T2-T7 intramedullary pilonidal astrocytoma. This causes him visible and invisible disabilities.

Then an unknown world opens up for the mother and daughter, the world of everyday life in the hospital and the discovery of disability. “I created a game so that Livia would be representative of medical protocols,” explains Aurélie. “When the team noticed that Passport of Superheroes and Heroes made it possible to approach the stages of care, they said to me: ‘Madam, we need her.’ So I founded this association so that parents and children would not find themselves lack medical care. »

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Develop stories

Since then, Aurélie Bigot has made sure to spread her association more widely. I went to the University Hospital of Montpellier, to La Timone Hospitals in Marseille, Necker-Enfants Maladis in Paris or Lyon-Berard in Lyon. “We’ve formed partnerships to explain rare diseases, pediatric cancers, and also with orthopedic sectors to explain how to wear the equipment. We multiply the passport for various types of pathology, and this is what makes it possible to partially fund the association. »

During these meetings with health and early childhood professionals, the latter emphasized to him the need for playful support tools and the lack of young children.

Get out of the positive

Moreover, in hindsight, since creating Mon bobo et moi, Aurélie Bigot has drawn only the positives. “For all the difficulty it presents, I will not change the story, because my daughter is fine. As a woman and a mother, it allowed me to take another look at life. These were extraordinary encounters. I was able to discover the creative sector and thrive. This is my new professional project: getting into painting illustrative.”

The association organizes events in the Arcachon basin for families dealing with childhood illnesses. Such as meetings with well-being professionals and thematic conferences.

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